Town of ancient origins with rests and monuments of the Etruscan, Roman age and the medieval period, that attest its strategic importance. Sutri had the period of main splendor in the Etruscan time - from IV the century a.C. - when, fortified on the height of tufe (are visible the rests in blocks of tufe), it controlled the commerce in this part of Etruria. From here the denomination of T. Livio of "door of the Etruria". Stormed by the Romans in the 394 a.C. it knew hard battles between Etruscans and Romans in 311 and 310 a.C. Its prosperity grew with the construction of Cassia, a great artery of traffic between Rome and the northern regions. Later on was a roman municipium and with Augusto, was named Colony Coniuncta Iulia Sutrina (Sutrium). In the hill of tufe is still visible the Etruscan necropolis of rupestre type. Of it are visible today 64 tombs disposed on more levels. The tombs are dated from 3th century a.C. to the 1st century d.C. Near this fascinating tombs is one of most evocative ancient monuments of the Lazio: the  amphitheater of Sutri. A few meters from it, are some Etruscan tombs, transformed in Mitreo in the 3th. century d.C. and that subsequently was used as a Christian church dedicated to the "Madonna del Parto", to its inside interesting paintings  representing Saint Michael Archangel, the legend of Gargano and pilgrims in travel towards the sacred places. The amphitheater of Sutri: it's entired dug in the tufaceus cliff of the hill with a line North-South and has the greater axis 49 mt. long. and that minor of 40 mt. Lacking to the outside of a precise architectonic shape, in the inner side its present gradinate, corridors of access and entrance doors. It was constructed with Etruscan technique and Etruscan workers between the end of 1st century a.C. and the beginning of the 2nd century.




Lake of solos Vico
12 Km from Sutri is found a vast natural reserve that surrounds the shores of the Lake of Vico.
Equipments are present to camp, to make winsurf, canoe, and besides a lot of areas comfort you/they can be found.


Monte Gelato waterfalls
Justi 10 km, we find forest and waterfalls that inspired filmmakers, painters, poets, and photographers looking for fabulous scenery. The river Treja, gives rise to the Monte Gelato waterfalls, a place very suitable for a day trip.



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